The One Thing

that is Constant is Change.

Embrace the Power of Change

and Heal your Life.


Hypnosis is a self empowering state of being.

It gives individuals the opportunity

to heal themselves, by themselves

through the power of the mind.


Experience hypnosis for yourself,

and experience the power of your mind

to change, heal and improve your life.


Using Hypnosis for Health and Healing
is Limitless in Possibilities


Medical journals and various other health resources now provide a large collection of articles providing data in the form of statistical and comparison clinical studies that show dramatic and positive results using the process of hypnosis for health. Although results are largely subjective, difficult to measure and anecdotal, we cannot deny the large and ever increasing collection of patient/client testimonials, that provide convincing evidence about their own renewed health following a series of hypnosis sessions. 


The primary interest of Inner Harmony Hypnosis is to use hypnosis as a complementary tool that works in conjunction with the health care profession. Neither diagnosis nor treatment is given. The focus of Inner Harmony Hypnosis is to work with the mental programming that fuels unhealthy emotional and physical conditions and unwanted behaviors and habits. It is the belief of Inner Harmony Hypnosis that many manifested unhealthy conditions that do not respond well or seem to defy conventional medical treatment is because the root causal mental programming has not been addressed, resolved or cleared.


Medical Referral is required for all medically diagnosed diseases, illnesses, conditions and disorders. Listed below are some of the health issues, diseases and disorders addressed by Inner Harmony Hypnosis.


Health Insurance does not cover Hypnosis Sessions. This is because Hypnotism is not at this time licensed by state governments, and is a profession of certified practitioners. More information about individual sessions can be found in Session Descriptions and Costs.


Please feel free to contact Helga Rahn by telephone or by email if you have any questions regarding her services. Thank you.


* Here is a Medical Referral Sample

* Letters of Recommendation


Emotional Conditions

Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Panic, Phobias and Fears, Grief and Loss,

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Insomnia, Repetitive Nightmares, Abuse, Relationship Difficulties, Eating Difficulties, Tourette's Syndrome


Physical Diseases, Disorders and Conditions

* Click Here for Uses of Hypnosis for Cancer

Cancer, Diabetes, Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Bursitis, Inflammation, Asthma, Allergies, Headaches, Migraine, Dizziness or Vertigo, Congestion, Psychosomatic Pain, High Blood Pressure/Hypertension, Tinnitus, Tremors, Restless Legs Syndrome, Infertility


Behaviors, Habits and Addictions

Tobacco Cessation, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Nail Biting, Trichotillomania, Stuttering, Sexual, Gambling



Gag Reflex, Bruxism, Dental Visit Fear



Acne, Rashes, Allergies, Eczema



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Colitis, Ulcers, Intestinal Disorders, Nausea



Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia



Incontinence, Enuresis, Urinary Retention



Impotence, Frigidity


Recover Memory

Lost Items, Memory Recall


Inner Awareness Healthy Living


Inner Awareness Healthy Living is what I hope to inspire in each and every one of you. It is only within our own self that we can find the answers to living our own life in health, happiness and success. It is what we ourselves heal within that will reflect out and manifest in our physical reality. Each and every one of us is graced with the power to do so. It is our own miracle we create.


As you now take a tour and become familiar with Inner Harmony Hypnosis, I hope you gain a better understanding of hypnosis as a cutting edge healing tool. And that is all hypnotism is- a method and process that gives you an opportunity to shift away from feeling stuck and victimized by the negative effects of life events and situations. It allows you to take back your control and freedom, and live as the healthy and able person you're intended to be. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll come to believe that it is possible for you to heal every part of you, even your own body.


I would like to leave you with this. There is no room for regrets in health. Everything that ever happened in your life to this very day contributed something very important to your learning and growing as a human and as a soul. It is all taking you to a very beautiful place. Not one of your experiences describes who you are, but how you resolve and grow from your experiences does describe you. And if you look for the learning, the wisdom and the good in what you once perceived as bad and horrible, something magical happens. You find peace within you.


What is Unique about Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is an ancient method that even today is poorly understood. For some people it still seems mystical and magical, and for others it is believed to be downright fraudulent and useless. But it is not magic nor is it fraudulent, and when properly understood and used follows very specific rules and workings of the mind.


Imagine a garden hose attached to a water spigot that is on the outside of a house. Now a gardener notices that the water continually leaks out of the garden hose sprayer. The gardener focuses on the sprayer and decides it must be the problem. So the gardener decides to examine the sprayer, tries to fix it or even buys a new sprayer. But no matter what the gardener does, water continues to leak out of the garden hose sprayer. So the gardener decides to go overboard with duct tape, and before long the garden hose begins to tear and now water begins to also leak out of the garden hose cracks! Now there are even more difficulties!


Just like turning off the spigot that is the source of the water, hypnosis offers the unique opportunity to resolve and release the source of the symptoms and behaviors. It then allows a person to understand how various symptoms and behaviors, like tears and leaks in the water hose, can be threaded back to the initial source. 


Does the garden hose still hold residual water after the water spigot is turned off? Generally yes. And in the same way, when a person resolves the root cause of a symptom or behavior, it takes time for certain symptoms and behaviors to fully release and until healthy change is complete. But you can be assured, once the spigot of your difficulty is turned off, your health is soon to follow.  


Hypnosis Allows
Unresolved Emotions to be Heard


What do emotions have to do with health and life success? Everything. Disease, illness and disorder and unhealthy behaviors and habits are the tools of the subconscious mind to carry out the harmful and disruptive emotions that live inside of us.  


Sometimes a person resorts to rationalizing or talking themselves into healthy change, but finds it is only temporarily effective. Often a person’s symptoms and difficulties just worsen with time or they find themselves plagued with additional symptoms and difficulties.


What I help people realize, first and foremost, is that all emotions are valuable and important. The only place an emotion can hurt you is when it is stuck, trapped and buried inside you. That is what causes emotions to become toxic and create unhealthy conditions and unhealthy behaviors. Anger, guilt, sadness as well as fear are all valuable emotions. Emotions are part of every thought, perception and belief you hold inside your mind and are central to your well-being.


Hypnosis is unique in that it allows your unresolved emotions to be acknowledged and to be understood; to finally be heard exactly as they live within you and why. This is because hypnosis gives you the unique opportunity to move your analytical, judgmental and interfering outer conscious mind out of the way, and to let your inner feeling subconscious mind do the work. Once you embrace the process of hypnosis and let your subconscious mind do all the work for you, you may amaze yourself how easily and successfully it works for you.


Once buried and trapped emotions are faced and resolved, internal pressure releases and you naturally and normally can rebalance into health and live your success. This can feel nothing short of having your miracle.



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Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free